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Context and environment: – Based in Singapore with occasional business trips to subsidiaries in Asia Pacific and France, if required – Work independently, but must interact and work closely with General Affairs, Paris headquarters and operational staff of the company to provide legal support to the company – Maintain close contact with relevant authorities and external lawyers to follow up on the implementation day and trends in laws and Understanding regulations Skills and experience desired Despite the dubious legal status of the courts established in Singapore by Raffles and Crawfurd, suggest that the de facto position was that English legal principles applied to Singapore between 1819 and 1826. [4] Our client is a growing legal technology firm looking to recruit an account executive. Following the downgrading of the Straits settlements, the positions of governor and resident councillor were abolished. This led Governor Fullerton to conclude that neither he nor the resident councillors had the authority to administer justice under the Second Charter. At the end of 1830 Fullerton closed the courts and dismissed the judiciary before going to England. This has led to legal chaos. Members of the business community were in turmoil, believing that the confusion and inconvenience that would result from not having local courts would disrupt business operations. In Singapore, Deputy Resident Murchison was forced to summon a court. However, the acting chancellor, James Loch,[19] considered the court illegal and it was soon closed.

In September 1831, merchants in the Straits settlements appealed to the British Parliament. By then, the East India Company had already decided that Fullerton had been wrong. It decided to reinstate the titles of Governor and Resident Councillor so that these officials could continue to administer justice in accordance with the Charter. On June 9, 1832, the Court of Justice reopened in Prince of Wales Island, dealing with many outstanding cases that had accumulated during the two years of the court`s closure. [20] If you`re considering a significant career change and need advice, check out our career guide to legal jobs abroad for some advice. Upload your CV to the TotallyLegal database so you can search for legal jobs in Singapore. Set up a job alert for legal jobs in Singapore via email; Let us know your preferred job title, industry and experience and we will send you the latest relevant legal jobs in Singapore. Whether you are looking for paralegal, partner or legal counsel positions in Singapore, start your job search with TotallyLegal.

The independent status of Singapore`s legal system was underscored by the repeal of section 5 of the Civil Law Act (see above) on 12 November 1993 through the application of English law 1993. [79] The purpose of the Act is to clarify the scope of application of English law in Singapore. It provides that English common law (including the principles and rules of equity), to the extent that it formed part of the law of Singapore immediately before the Act came into force, shall continue to form part of Singaporean law to the extent that it is applicable to the situation of Singapore and its inhabitants and subject to such changes as those circumstances require. [80] With respect to English laws, only those listed in the schedules to the Act apply to Singapore; No other English decree is part of Singaporean law. [81] In 1858, the East India Company was abolished and the territories previously administered by the Company were transferred to the Crown by the newly appointed Secretary of State for India. This was done by the Government of India Act 1858. [24] There was no change in the structure of the legal system – the Governor-General of India continued to legislate for Straits settlements. [25] Many clients indicated that they will require additional high-level legal advice in 2022-2023. Browse the latest legal job openings in Asia. We work with global companies and recruiters to provide you with the latest legal jobs in Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE and more. Whether you are looking for legal advice in Dubai or employment lawyers in China, start your search with TotallyLegal. Set up a job alert based on your search criteria to be the first to apply for the latest legal positions in Asia.

Activities: – Legal advice on development/growth projects, confidentiality agreements and pre-contractual negotiations to the structuring and negotiation of acquisitions / joint ventures / disposals and the establishment of new companies in the Asia-Pacific region, in close collaboration with the Paris headquarters. – Legal advice and guidance on business activities in the Asia-Pacific region, including corporate law, commercial law, contract law, etc. – Advising TOTAL`s management on all legal matters arising from Singaporean law. – Ensure compliance with the legal obligations of TOTAL`s subsidiaries in Singapore in all areas (corporate, administrative, etc.) and monitor compliance with the respective legal obligations by TOTAL`s subsidiaries in the Asia-Pacific region. – Draft, review and evaluate legal documents, reports and contracts within TOTAL`s subsidiaries in Singapore and Asia-Pacific as required. – Coordination with external law firms. – Advising the Company on changes to Singaporean law and the impact of these changes on TOTAL`s subsidiaries in Singapore. That same year, Raffles appointed John Crawfurd a resident of Singapore. Crawfurd questioned the legitimacy of the judicial system created by Raffles and overturned cases in which judges had ordered the flogging of players and the confiscation of their property.

He eventually abolished the magistrate, replacing him with a Court of Petitions, overseen by an assistant resident in charge of minor civil matters, and a residents` court, which heard all the other cases over which he himself presided. Since Crawfurd had no authoritative guide on the applicable law, he decided cases according to the « general principles of English law » and took into account, as far as possible, the « character and manners of the different classes » of the local population. Unfortunately, Crawfurd`s courts also had no legal basis and he had no legal power over Europeans in Singapore.[2] Serious cases involving British subjects were to be transferred to Calcutta; Otherwise, he could only banish her from the island. [3] Singapore`s legal system is based on English common law. The main areas of law – particularly administrative law, contract law, equity and trust law, property law and tort law – are largely produced by the courts, although some aspects have been partially modified by the law. However, other areas of law such as criminal, corporate and family law are almost entirely legal in nature. On the other hand, when interpreting the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore (1985 Rev. Ed., 1999 Reprint), courts are reluctant to consider foreign legal documents, as a constitution should be interpreted primarily within its four walls and not in the light of analogies of other jurisdictions; And because economic, political, social and other conditions abroad are perceived as different. In 1823 Raffles issued regulations for the administration of the island. Regulation III of 20 January 1823 established a judiciary responsible for « all descriptions of persons flying the British flag ». The magistrates were instructed « to follow the course of the British judiciary so far as local circumstances permit the avoidance as far as possible of technical details and unnecessary forms and to discharge the duties of their office with temperament and discretion to the best of their judgment and conviction and the principles of substantial justice ».