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English version of the thesaurus to obey a law or rule or to accept a person`s authority to do what someone asks you to do, including providing them with information American to obey someone, especially a parent or teacher who formally agrees to obey a rule, law or decision of an authority The words command and law can be used in similar contexts, But the commandment usually suggests something deliberative, not obligatory, usually communicated through teaching. informal, to immediately do what someone tells you, even if you don`t want to do it, to accept someone`s authority or status or something. The words rule and law are synonymous, but differ in nuance. In particular, the rule applies to more limited or specific situations. Informally, doing something, often something dishonest, that someone wants you to do to follow a rule or law, or to do what someone asks you to do exactly what someone tells you to do, in a way that makes you seem weak (pause/brake) and (pore/pour) about these issues (hide/stamp/money) on often confusing words. Accept and follow something like a rule or agreement. Behave in an expected way in relation to something that follows an agreement or rule by doing what you should be doing or what you said you would do to say you will do what is expected of you, and not ask why you are doing what seems easiest in a particular situation.