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France – Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) 04 August 2020 – amf-france.org/en/warnings/warnings-and-blacklists?page=0&key=https%20//www.omegapro.world Colombia – Financial Supervisory Authority of Colombia (Superfinanciera) 20 May 2021 – fcm.org.co/superfinanciera-ordeno-a-ocho-personas-naturales-suspender-inmediatamente-la-promocion-en-el-pais-de-productos-de-la-sociedad-extranjera-omegapro/ SBS, the Peruvian regulator, did the same as its peers in June 2020 in companies on the list of informal financial institutions operating without authorization. This after receiving doubts from users who were worried about whether their money was in good hands. « At first, they presented themselves in the country as Banco Omega Pro, but every financial company must have a license from SBS to operate. After the first warning we issued, they were no longer called `bank`, but they continue to loot people`s money, » says Daniel Reátegui, coordinator for monitoring informal activities of the SBS. Even the opposite effect can be produced, because if it is denounced without sufficient evidence and the prosecutor`s office does not allow the complaint, the company could use it in its favor. « They could even use it and say it is legal. We want to avoid that, » says Reátegui. That`s why, he stresses, it`s important that those who are harmed by Omega Pro – or other Ponzi schemes – dare to speak out. SBS said OmegaPro was an illegal company in December 2020. Despite the classification, OmegaPro continues to be promoted throughout Peru.

28. March 2022 – cnmv.es/Portal/ResultadoBusqueda.aspx?tipo=1&nombre=omegapro Reátegui adds that by capturing money without SBS authorization, Omega Pro « commits the crime of illegal financial institutions punishable by the Penal Code ». Here is the list of sites that intended to illegally obtain savings from Peruvians: Currently, they operate illegally in the regions of Peru, where they scam people who play with the desire for prosperity and sell them the idea that they will generate income quickly, easily and without much effort. However, the money generated responds to an alleged money laundering that illegally makes a profit that ensures the profitability of « investments » and the registration of more people. The head of the scam would be led by a young Peruvian who claims to have reached the rank of « Blue Diamond » in two years in the « business ». Given these illegal practices, SBS urges people to be properly informed and take the necessary precautions when deciding where to save or invest their money. A total of 14 schemes looted money from the Peruvian public, in violation of Law No. 26702, which stipulates that any person or company that intends to make or receive savings from third parties must obtain prior authorization from SBS.

Other Omega Pro offices, if any, are located in Dubai, the British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong and Singapore. « The fact that they are in these places should be a red flag because they don`t have regulators to make sure it`s not an illegal fundraiser, » Castellanos said. To date, the Superintendence has issued six warnings warning citizens not to be fooled. « These systems will disappear at some point. Thus, the user, who has probably already invested hundreds or thousands of dollars, […] will not be able to demand the return of his money from anyone, because he does not really know with whom or with whom he carried out the transactions. Everything was virtual and without legal support, » he wrote in one of his statements. Fines imposed on Omegapro Spain`s illegal commercial parcel operators – Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) 13 January 2020 – cnmv.es/Portal/ResultadoBusqueda.aspx?tipo=1&nombre=omegapro Omega Pro does not have an RUC or physical offices in Peru. They also don`t have a phone number or mailbox to receive complaints.

Not to mention a legal representative. « It`s a system that is not on public records; That is, it does not exist legally in Peru, it is just a website created abroad and does not offer the guarantee that someone can invest their money safely, » says Reátegui. OMEGAPRO » / « OMEGA PRO » / « OMP Money » / « Banco OmegaPro » Warning List For more than a year± the SÚ affirms that the promotion carried out in the territory of Sebastián Ortiz Pión, Hugo Fernando Hernández Rodráguez, Daniel Leonardo Velásquez, Angie Vanessa Pineda Amaya, Katerine Carlozama Castro, Harol Alfonso Alvarado Galván, José Rolando Rodráguez© Loaiza and Esteban Pinto Salazar in the national territory, Its purpose is the purchase of « trade » investment packages to perform complex operations with financial assets, including the Forex market. For this, it will be necessary to have a representative office in Colombia, from where it will be necessary to meet another set of requirements that the Colombian regulator evaluates. The Company assures that its non-procedure cannot be classified as a money transfer because there is no electronic money transfer (EFT) from bank to bank. The case is similar to that of Carlos Manrique and CLAE, one of Latin America`s most iconic pyramid scams. At the time, authorities demanded his arrest from Interpol, and he was arrested while leaving a bank in Miami`s affluent Brickell neighborhood in November 1994. Therefore, it is important that SBS does more than just audit; But act against the threat posed by these types of scams that continue to harm society at large. The SBS also warns that suspicious companies have been discovered offering fraudulent loans via the internet, Facebook and WhatsApp. Nicaragua – Supervision of banks and other financial institutions February 15, 2022 – superintendencia.gob.ni/alertas/alerta-sobre-empresa-denominada-omega-pro-nicaragua « My goal is to seek financial freedom. Thanks to this company, I have made trips abroad that I would not have been able to do with my work. With this motivational speech, « Mireya » begins one of her Zoom conferences, in which she presents Omega Pro, a supposed « investment platform » that is clearly a new Ponzi scheme.

Omega Pro is an international company founded in 2018 by India`s Dilawar Singh, whom its supporters describe as « experts in the banking and financial sector ». To confirm its references and give more certainty, those who promote it point out that the famous Forbes magazine, specialized in the world of finance, published an article about it. What they don`t say is that it`s paid content. « No Forbes India journalists were involved in the writing and production of this article, » the note concludes. Peru – Superintendence of Banks, Insurance and AFP 09 June 2020 – sbs.gob.pe/noticia/detallenoticia/idnoticia/2489 Note that funds deposited with companies not authorized by SBS are not covered by the Deposit Guarantee Fund, which protects citizens in the event of bankruptcy. Another warning about the dangers of trusting our money in Omega Pro jumps when verifying this supposed financial miracle. According to its website, Omega Pro`s official headquarters are located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, an area considered a tax haven. And the worst comes when you search for the address: just open Google to see that their offices do not really exist and that the same address is often used by other pseudo-companies dedicated to financial fraud. To ensure that more and more people invest in Omega Pro, promoters can sell you the idea of taking out a bank loan.

« The company offers you financial advice so you can repay the loan every month and continue to make a profit with us, » was the offer to this journalist. « The worst part is that those who need to borrow are those who don`t have much and those who need it most. It`s really outrageous, » complains economist Castellanos. 3 of them (Hugo Fernando Hernández Rodrãguez, Angie Vanessa Pineda Amaya and Josã© Rolando Rodrãguez Loaiza) have already been fined for repeating this promotional activity, although they consider themselves « successful storytellers© ». In the case of « Cambios Italo », the company stated that it does not make international remittances, as indicated by the SBS. The promoters know this, but they don`t seem to care.