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• Identify at least one way power and oppression are affected by their masculine or masculine identity• Name at least one way they can use their privilege to promote social justice • Give a personal definition of what masculinity means to them. Launched in spring 2016, NÜ Men is a 6-week dialogue experience with the intention of challenging its participants to critically question and deconstruct their own masculinity, explore the systemic links between traditional masculinity and gender-based violence, and create personal definitions and counter-narratives to dominant masculinity. NÜ Men is a collaboration between CARE and can be a personal or virtual cohort. Contact care@northwestern.edu for more information. Below are some videos that can help you get a sense of what we mean by critical engagement with masculinity (strong language content warning). The solidification of the term has prompted a number of sympathetic individuals to extend it to different levels in different corners of the Internet. Some examined the behavior of naked men to conclude that they appeared to pose for the cameras and shared a gesture commonly known as a « naked-male smile », others devoted themselves to developing introductory packages to numalistic religion, in bodybuilding forums, they were relieved to avoid the nude-masculine appearance, and several intellectuals began cradling derivative terms with identical pejorative intentions: concepts such as « I am a boy », which should be used to describe the sweetest men, based on the belief that soy contains estrogen that torpedoes men`s masculinity. On October 30, 2017, Redditor sexy_mofo1 a post titled « Numale Mouth » Why is it that everyone who seems to be against us is smiling like this in the photos? « , followed by an MS Paint illustration of a man with his mouth open and beard (bottom left). [7] In the comments section, Redditor brappablat submitted a comic book in which a bearded man poses with his mouth open (bottom right).

The paradox of the nu-masculine lies not in the word itself or in the people it tries to designate pejoratively, but in all those who elevate it. And that`s why « nu-male » has become an ideal word for locating tame assholes: because it perfectly reflects those who use it to vilify, people who don`t know how much they define themselves with it. 4chan users, Gary Nyuman and all the far-right friends who boast how feminist protests boast, using the term « nu-male » as a weapon of attack, of demonstrating that they share the worldview of a grieving teenager who believes he has debunked a truth in a random aesthetic stereotype. Small creatures convinced of having discovered gold, when in reality their contribution to the debate does not go beyond repeating like a parrot an invented word or taking as dogma a closed masked hierarchy of masculinity: there is no more cathetical way to give a package than to attribute the letters of the Greek alphabet so that it sounds professionally and scientifically as proven as this gentleman. who only needs a white coat. To appear reliable when you condemn the type of detergent that best removes lime from your washing machine. Nude males with almost exclusively white (although there are some exceptions), ultraliberal, hipsters, wear thick-framed glasses and have a nasty beard. They are submissive but open (only in the online world), twenty or thirty years old, have all kinds of feelings of guilt towards themselves (white guilt, man, etc…), are very active on social networks and their physical appearance offers only two options: either they are extremely thin, or they are overweight. They are usually pseudo-intellectuals who, instead of arguing, block any contrary opinion or legitimate criticism in order to protect their fragile egos. ¡Seamos nu-male juntos y nunca volveremos a mojar! ¡Toma esa patriarcado y masculinidad tóxica! On December 18, 2015, an anonymous 4chan user submitted a photo of a bearded man with glasses with the question, « Is this just me or is this what most white male liberals look like? » (see below, left).

[1] In response, another user responded with a collage of photos showing white men wearing glasses, as well as a definition of « nude male » (see below, right). Nu-male is an internet slang term that refers to men and boys who do not conform to traditional male gender roles. Online, the term is often used pejoratively, similar to « beta male, » « cuckold, » or « soybean, » but is usually reserved for white men with facial hair and glasses. Los nu-malees son hombres (entendiendo el concepto « hombre » de forma muy vaga) carentes de amor propio y desprovistos de cualquier tipo de masculinidad.