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The Cummings Foundation awarded NLA a $100,000 grant to fund our medical-legal partnership. The Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre provides legal information on tenants` rights and obligations, as well as legal services for tenants. If you are a member of the Cambodian-American community and need legal assistance, Northeast Legal Aid has representatives available to help you. Please click on the video below for more information in Khmer. Private Lawyer Intervention Program (« IAP ») Each year, NLA receives thousands of calls from clients seeking legal assistance in civil cases. Most appellants do not have the means to consult a private lawyer, and the NLA does not have the resources to represent most of them. To meet these requests for services, many private lawyers have offered their assistance by joining the IAP program. For many who need help, our volunteer lawyers offer the only chance to have equal access to justice. If you would like to volunteer your time, please check out our volunteer opportunities or call our office today! The North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic (« NSLAC ») provides accessible, high-quality, and free civil justice services to vulnerable, low-income families in Lake County and the northern suburbs of Cook County. We provide legal services to those in need in the areas of immigration, housing and domestic violence. NLA (formerly Merrimack Valley – North Shore Legal Services and Neighborhood Legal Services) is a legal aid program that provides low-income and elderly residents of Essex County and parts of Middlesex County with free legal advice and representation in civil matters. Since 1974, the NLA has represented victims of domestic violence, prevented clients from becoming homeless through defense against eviction or mortgage foreclosure, assisted individuals in receiving health, welfare, and other benefits, and those denied unemployment benefits.

Unemployment, SSI, MassHealth, Emergency Relief, SNAP. The North End Legal Aid Clinic hosts free virtual cooking demonstrations every 2nd Thursday of the month during the summer. Legal Services In exchange for your support, we offer: Resources and assistance for survivors of sexual and domestic violence Taxes, collections, unfair consumption practices and workers` rights Donations in Marc`s honor can be made to the Lynn United for Change Empowerment Project, where Marc and Brenda have established a legacy fund in honor of Marc`s memory.www.lynnunitedempowerment.org. If you have any problems with any of the above issues or other related matters, please contact us to make an appointment with our lawyer. Walk-in appointments (suspended during COVID) are welcome, but availability is not guaranteed. Contact us today to speak with a lawyer or make an appointment. Divorce, parental rights, child support, guardianship. Yes, we are trained to help apply for these grants. The video does not show any content about domestic violence. Criminal record sealing process and forms to seal your case Tenant rights, evictions, unsafe housing and litigation NSLAC`s work provides the PILI grantee with a wide range of opportunities to improve their legal skills.

The PILI Fellow will work in at least one of NSLAC`s practice areas, depending on their preferences, background and needs, and will be supervised by experienced clinic staff. They may work to obtain protection orders, prevent deportations or immigration matters, including family petitions, preparing asylum claims, or applying for U visas. In addition to professional cooking demonstrations, participants can ask questions about domestic violence and ask for anonymous help from the clinic`s lawyers in the chat. Take this survey to help the Massachusetts Department of Public Health understand the impact of COVID-19 on your community NSLAC is a young and dynamic and growing organization with collaborative, collegial staff working in a flexible hybrid (home/office) format. The aim is to provide the fellow with hands-on experience in working with clients (interview, counselling, case planning), negotiating with opposing parties and learning from all internal perspectives of the court proceedings. Working directly with our experienced lawyers, the fellow receives practical ideas and constructive feedback. Marc Potvin, lifelong anti-poverty activist, loving father and passionate partner for thirty-five years, passed away on July 9, 2021 after battling pancreatic cancer. Legal obligations We require lawyers who join the PAI program to accept one pro bono case per year. We tailor your case to your practice interests. You can also accept or decline a recommendation after the first interview. Can legal counsel help me apply for an emergency grant for the BC Hydro Crisis Fund? In light of recent reports in the U.S. of a growing number of racist and xenophobic incidents of harassment and violence against Asians, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Northeast Legal Aid wants all of these communities in its service area to know that Northeast Legal Aid is here to support them.

Northeast Legal Aid will do everything in its power to combat such unfair behavior. Please contact Legal Aid North East if you believe you are being discriminated against or otherwise unfair. The North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic is accredited to accept PILI Graduate Fellows.