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They saved life for certification. Our auditors are always impressed by the records, the details, the automatic updates. Newground`s Legislation Update Service is a simple way to stay up to date on changes in laws and give you peace of mind that you won`t miss any important new laws. Our online system provides simple summaries of health, safety and environmental law and maintains interactive legal records that can be profiled and tailored to your organization. The system also includes action and alert capabilities, access to hazard and environmental identification tools, and monthly newsletters to inform you of relevant changes. The Legislation Update Service is designed to operate as part of health and safety, environment and energy management systems, create audit trails and meet key requirements of standards such as OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. Our experienced health, safety and environment consultants can provide a wide range of consulting services, including regulatory compliance services, and as a social enterprise, all are our assets. They take all the assumptions from the legal side of H&S and the environment and keep you informed of legal changes. Any issues you may encounter can be resolved in a call to the help desk, where your question will be answered by knowledgeable and courteous staff. We found the Legislation Update Service user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Clear and concise monthly guides and updates on new laws save us time by researching them ourselves. We have used LUS to develop our environmental register and help us assess our legal compliance and we recommend the service to others. Our intuitive system updates automatically, records actions, sets reminders and review dates, and provides a clear audit trail. The register must accurately cover (i.e. be organizational) all activities, products and services. It doesn`t have to contain something irrelevant, otherwise you`ll waste time evaluating laws that don`t apply to you. It is not just a legal registry; It links risk management to action. This allows us to manage complex requirements in one place across multiple locations. On this page you will find the latest legal updates for the UK. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and is intended to guide regulatory compliance only. It is your organization`s responsibility to ensure that your regulatory compliance register is up-to-date at all times to ensure compliance with relevant ISO standards and regulatory changes.

Our online legal registries, tailored to your needs, provide a methodical and fast way to manage complex compliance requirements. Through our social enterprise model, we provide quality environmental, health and safety and compliance professional services in a competitive marketplace, but instead of our profits going to shareholders, they are donated to our Newground Together charity to support environmental, social and community projects. Our secure online system allows you to access your legal records anywhere with an unlimited number of users to share information and actions within the company. Art and audio are processed using another method called « scouting, » which the site describes as « a way to filter users and weed out spam, stolen works, low-quality submissions, etc. » All users can put art and audio on their own page, but only those that are « spotted » appear in the public area. Like the rating system, it prevents stolen content, spam, or prohibited material from entering the public domain and relying on website users and moderators. Once a person is spotted, they have the privilege of spotting other people, although users caught spotting other users who regularly violate the Terms of Service and/or Site Policies (« System Abuse ») will be self-flagged. [9] Tailored to your specific needs, the Legislation Update Service provides legal updates directly to your inbox on the laws that matter to you, as well as a host of other features to help you manage your compliance obligations. Hannah Williams, Compliance Personnel Consultant, describes the key elements of a high-quality legal registry and explains how her online product, The Legislation Update Service (LUS), can help you meet these requirements. In addition to the legal registry element of ISO 14001 certification, Comply Direct offers a range of tailored ISO 14001 consulting services to help companies achieve the standard, including initial audits of a company`s existing EMS to the latest standard, including site visits, as well as gap analysis and assistance in integrating ISO 14001 with other management standards.

Your legal registry should clearly indicate your current compliance status with respect to each law so that you can see where issues need to be addressed and to facilitate effective communication of the compliance status to the appropriate staff. If your initial compliance assessment or ongoing compliance assessments identify areas of non-compliance or opportunities for improvement, the legal register should record the compliance measures or recommendations identified to address them and be able to track progress against them. A legal registry is a living document and should be reviewed regularly, and any legislation contained in the registry should be reassessed at intervals set by your organization. Your legal registry should show how often you conduct your compliance assessments and what their results are. With LUS, you can define actions and assign users and completion deadlines. You can then monitor the effectiveness of their closure and update your compliance status accordingly. In 1991, at the age of 13, Tom Fulp launched a Neo Geo fanzine called New Ground, sending numbers to about 100 members of a club that grew out of the online service Prodigy. Using a hosting service, he launched a website called New Ground Remix in 1995, which gained popularity in the summer of 1996 after Fulp founded the BBS Club games at Seal and Assassin while he was studying at Drexel University.[20] He then founded Club a Seal II and Assassin II, as well as a separate hosting site called New Ground Atomix.[21] [22] The release of Pico`s School in 1999, a browser-based Flash game that « showed complexity of design and sophistication in presentation virtually unheard of in amateur flash game development at the time, » helped establish Newgrounds as a « public force. » It contains all legislation relating to the activities of the organization and the jurisdictions in which it operates.