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Anyway, click the button below and enter your details to receive a free copy of the 2022 Salary Survey report. We went straight to the Queensland market and created the only Queensland pay survey. #lookingforjobchange #legalrecruitment Do you need recruitment assistance? From salary guides to resume templates to must-have guides, Naiman Clarke has you covered. ð¤ð¤ð¤ ©©© lnkd.in/guf-Gm8s And, of course, the performance of your team/law firm and the development of the legal market in general depends on your area of expertise. You could perform beyond that, but if the market is in the moment, you probably won`t be able to negotiate a big bullish. Either all these salary surveys are, or I`m paid between $30,000 and $60,000 less than the average. Can anyone else get involved? These additional questions are important parts of the decision-making process, so our statutory wage survey report includes this information and more to help you understand what the legal market has to offer and whether your current employer is providing the things that matter most to you. While salary seems to be the biggest issue, it`s not the only one. Lemme knows if you have other sources or if the ones I have linked are outdated.

ALPMA also has a survey for $2200. 🙁 [Hays 2013] (www1.hays.com.au/salary/output/pdf2013/HaysSalaryGuide_2013-AU_legal.pdf) Our salary survey report provides you with information not only about dollars and cents, but also how to expect you from work. Elvira Naiman, chief executive of Naiman Clarke Legal, said salaries, which have already risen over the past year, may not have much room left for further increases. Salaries are a factor in an equation developed in most law firms; Budgets, hourly rates, expectations for hourly bills per day/year, amortization, etc., and finally what the firm`s clients will bear as an hourly rate for partners and lawyers. If this equation goes out of balance, the partner`s earnings will ultimately be affected, » she said. This is a very big problem. Many medium-sized companies are reluctant to increase billable amounts for each lawyer by an extra hour or two per day to handle salary increases. At the end of the day, law is a business, so numbers need to make sense on every level. When fixed costs increase (a fixed salary is a fixed cost factor) and many law firm fees are fixed; such as rent and subscriptions, but variable costs need to be cobbled together. Premiums are usually variable costs – so that ultimately, the additional wage costs can come from. Are you familiar with the concept of « silent termination »? The trend has recently gained popularity on TikTok. This phenomenon refers to employees who choose not to go beyond their work, but to do the bare minimum to get the job done.

Our Executive Director, Elvira Naiman, provided insight into « silent termination » in the legal sector in this recent #lawyersweekly article. #auslaw #legalcareers #quietquitting AUSTRALIAN LAWYERS LOOKING TO MOVE TO THE UK! I am currently spending a working holiday at home in the UK for the first time in 3 years and I am very happy to announce that I am now working on recruiting lawyers in the UK. If you are a PQE 2+ lawyer coming from an international/intermediate/senior law firm in Australia looking to relocate to the UK, please send your CV and academics to ksteele@naimanclarke.com.au and we can make an appointment for a confidential interview. #unitedkingdom #lawyers #legalrecruitment #relocate #workingholiday #livethelondonlife #yolo Hi everyone, this is the time of year (at least for me) when salary negotiations are on the table and companies calculate their employees` salaries for the next fiscal year. I think some of the bigger companies have already settled the salaries (?), but my salary negotiation is imminent. While it`s good to have up-to-date information, and our 2022 Legal Salary Survey Report will give you that, sometimes you may want to check what the trends are and what has happened before. I thought I`d share the salary guides I`ve found so far that might be of interest to you: The digital edition of the Robert Walters Salary Survey gives you easy access to all the salary and market trends you need to be aware of, whether you`re in the office, at home, or on the go. Read all and are you convinced that you need to get the salary investigation report now? To ensure that YOU can trust the data from our legal salary survey, we have partnered with Queensland Young Lawyers to compile the survey ourselves, compile the data and create relevant and important information for your legal career. Get your personal salary forecast for 2022 and view salaries for similar roles If you are interested, you can download our report on the statutory salary survey 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018 by clicking on the corresponding year.

Well, I`ve been given ideas for my new budget, so it`s an interesting read to consider what I`ll be adding for salary in the coming months, I`ll have to wait until September so that the can keep the increase off the books this fiscal year;) (To be fair, they`ll refund the increase starting July 1). Comparing a consistent 40-hour week with relatively common 70+-hour weeks, it seems to me that a wage difference of about 1/5 is perfectly reasonable. I would appreciate the opinion of someone who has experience. Very excited this year, as the firm went from bonuses reserved for seasoned lawyers who had 100% net settlements to lawyers who achieve 100% or more usage (with different considerations).