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In French, Belle-meré means mother-in-law, which corresponds to TBH. Some say that when you marry your partner, you also marry their family – especially mothers. No matter how close your relationship is, these unique nicknames will show your mother-in-law the respect and love she deserves. After all, she is the woman who is her S.O. Suegra is a beautiful word that means mother-in-law in Spanish. Choose a formal name if you`re still warming up to each other or if it`s very old-fashioned. Adding an « s » to the end of a name is cool and trendy. Her name – Moms – should reflect this. It`s hard not to love a love for a classic name like this.

And hey, it`s much more interesting than other options. As your relationship progresses, their nickname should grow as well. The best part? She will smile every time she tells you. Keep it short and sweet – the focus is on sweet – with this name. It could even become their new monogram of choice. Don`t complicate things: just add the first letter of her first or last name (her preference!) to mom. It`s complicated: she`s your mother, but not really your mother. This name – Mom-ish – is the best way to describe them. No one cooks, dresses or likes like Big Mama, that`s for sure. RELATED: 40 Quotes From Famous Mothers About the Realities of Parenting RELATED: 40 Things Every Mother and Daughter Should Do Together at least once.