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C. Vessels must remain in the waters of the event during the days of the event. Participants must leave and return to official checkpoints. Anglers may leave the vessel without penalty for reasons other than fishing and Rule No. 18 subsection A. Anglers can purchase retail bait and fishing gear during the competition. B. Blatant violation: A flagrant violation of an act that undermines the positive efforts of the Multilateral Fund, Multilateral Fund sponsors, bystanders, the protection of fisheries and clean waters – including litter – will not be tolerated. Any penalty for flagrant violation is determined by the MLF Tournament Director. « What happens often, fishermen forget, » Hayes said. « You`re going to catch a small fish, which is an ungrainable sea bass. And in other competition formats, they are simply used to remove the hook and simply throw it.

And there`s a lot going on, especially with new anglers learning the rules of FLM. Hayes was an MLF official from the beginning. He says they have gone against penalty rules over the years because fishermen would find ways to take advantage of their « timeout. » During the landing of the fish, the fish cannot touch the carpet at any time during the process. If the fish detaches from the bait and falls on the carpet, this is considered a violation. The exception to this rule is to place the fish on the carpet to remove a depressed hook, « only after it has landed properly, without touching the carpet ». In addition, the fisherman is not allowed to weigh fish or allow the fish he lands to touch his body. A fisherman cannot allow a fish to touch any part of his body except his hands or forearms. From the point of view of menstruation, the body should be treated in the same way as the carpet. One. MLF fishermen must immediately « become neutral » after MLF officials call « Lines Out, End of Round. » Switching to neutral means that the FLM fisher must immediately stop fishing and return directly to the dock where he started.

The MLF fisherman cannot use this time to gain a competitive advantage over other MLF fishermen. MLFLW, LLC, (DBA « MLF5 ») expects all participants to strictly comply with the following rules. MLF recommends the use of Livewell additives such as T-H Marine G-Juice to promote healthy sea bass release. In case of emergency, please call 911 first and then notify the tournament director. The FML recommends the use of EPIRBs and personal location beacons. The tournament director must be informed as soon as possible before the weigh-in if you are using a mobile communication device for any purpose other than related data, as described in Rule 9. One. If an MLF fisherman intentionally injures a bass during the landing process, the action is considered a flagrant violation of the fish landing. Such actions include, but are not limited to, intentionally touching a bass on the carpet or any other part of the boat inside the barrel, intentionally squeezing a bass with the arms, legs or body, intentionally kicking the bottom of the boat, etc. 4.

OFF-LIMITS, TRAINING AND COMPETITION • There is no practice time or off-limits time before on-site registration. However, there are specific rules, defined below, that govern training within 10 days of each tournament. Participants, coaches and boat captains can be on site on the tournament waters until registration begins. Participants, coaches and boat captains are not permitted to enter tournament waters to find potential perch or fishing waters or to visit attractions after registration begins, except during tournament periods. Equipment testing on tournament waters after on-site registration has begun is only permitted with prior approval from the Tournament Director. Within 10 days of the tournament, no participant, coach or boat captain may practice, rent, trade or use services with a person who has hired a bassist on tournament waters within the last 12 months, unless that person is the parent or documented permanent guardian of a participant on an event team. Written proof of permanent legal guardianship to the satisfaction of tournament officials may be required. Within 10 days of the tournament, participants may only train with another member of the SAF (FLW/MLF or TBF), their coach, the captain of the boat or a member of their immediate family (mother, father, brother, sister or grandparent) who also meets the above criteria for guides, or be an active participant registered in another TBF or MLF sanctioned event during this period. No one else, other than a media representative or an official approved by the tournament director, is allowed to board.