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We can also arrange for Medico Legal to carry out assessments through our eAssessment system. Specifically for regional clients who have difficulty travelling, as well as those who are physically disabled, MAG eAssess brings the doctor to the client via online video conferencing, saving time and money for everyone. General information/advice: info@medicolegalassessmentsgroup.com.au My goal is to reduce stress and uncertainty for everyone involved in medico-legal matters. I am a practicing specialist and: A forensic assessment takes the standard independent medical examination to the next level. Our extensive panel of medical specialists has extensive experience in preparing independent assessment reports for: Whatever medical specialty you need, our specialists have years of forensic experience treating the most complex occupational accidents and injuries. Through a face-to-face meeting with your client or a telemedicine consultation, the specialist will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the underlying causes. Medical Accounts/Payments: accounts@medicolegalassessmentsgroup.com.au At MAG, we want our customers to feel empowered by offering them a range of options. We understand if you have a favorite doctor you want your client to be seen. That is why we will do everything in our power to make this happen. If this physician is not available, if you would like your client to be assessed, we will arrange for another physician in the same specialty to conduct the assessment. We regularly provide standard forensic reports to organizations such as TAC and Worksafe agents to ensure claims are valid. These reports describe the patient`s medical history of an injury for which he or she is seeking compensation.

Lawyers may also obtain such reports on behalf of their client. The Forensic Assessment Group (MAG) provides an outcome-based approach to all medical law issues. Driven by the expertise of a respected panel of medical specialists and related healthcare professionals, our service is designed to provide maximum customer satisfaction. I offer comprehensive and tailored forensic reports that cover your client`s diagnosis, treatment and why. Owned and operated by doctors. Provide forensic assessments that penetrate critical issues. We prepare written expert opinions and case assessments for: Timely and understandable independent medico-legal opinions and reports With over 30 years of forensic experience, ASSESS has all your professional needs in hand. We specialize in motor vehicle accidents, medical negligence, bodily injury, permanent and total disability, professional liability and more. An assessment of whether an employee can perform the essential and inherent duties of their role without risk to themselves or others. We provide a responsive and reputable service for all your independent medical and non-medical advice in the trusted environment of an established company. Whether you are plaintiff or defendant, you have access to an elite team of doctors from various medical specialties. Regardless of the diagnosis, you can rest assured that your client will only be examined by the most qualified and experienced clinical specialist for their particular condition.

Online booking allows you to efficiently organize your MLS appointment. At MLS, we`re working to make our system intuitive so you can quickly browse your selection. You can find out in seconds if the desired appointments and types of appointments are available. Our network of over 500 specialists is based across Australia, covering over 50 medical and non-medical disciplines. This wide range of talents offers our clients the opportunity to receive credible and specialized advice and reports upon request to resolve your case. We look forward to seeing our customers face to face in Cairns and Townsville. Click below for availability. What sets us apart is our unique funding model, which meets clients` needs to defer litigation costs, such as independent medical examinations and expert opinions. This approach relieves cash flow while relying on the expert advice needed to decide cases. Our experienced doctors review photo/video footage to allow for an unbiased examination of a patient`s condition. TPDs are generally performed on insurance claims when a claimant seeks compensation for an injury that prevents them from continuing their work in their chosen field or in another area that may be considered appropriate. Evaluation by two specialists for complex or long-term cases where secondary mental illness may be involved.

From our independent consultants to LIME`s management team, we are here to provide an efficient service to individuals and clients. We take seriously our role in dealing with the experience of NDEs and sensitive information and respect the trust placed in us to act discreetly. All independent medical examination reports are prepared with meticulous attention to accuracy and completeness. It is this focus on detail that allows employees to return to work as quickly as possible and settle insurance claims in a timely manner. Have you been there? Did you book an independent medical examination (IME) but had little confidence that the person would actually participate? We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality medical reports in the shortest possible time. Many IME appointments can be viewed via our secure online video conference. To arrange a reservation, please call us on 1300 333 767. Our medical experts can provide independent medical examinations for: MAG has medical specialists and related medical professionals in Australia and overseas.

Most reports are provided within 14 days of receipt of payment. If your needs are more urgent, please let us know. To make an IME appointment with one of our physicians, submit our Medico-Legal Appointment Request Web Form. These exams can be booked by Worksafe, WorkCover insurers, employers and lawyers. These are generated to resolve disputes between patients and insurers. The types of IMEs provided by Melbourne Pain Group include: For any medical-legal enquiries, please contact our Legal Coordinator, Marina on 03 7500 7020 and select option 4. All forensic correspondence should be directed to our Glen Waverley premises: it is conducted in cases where compensation is sought for a permanent impairment of a person`s body. Impairment is calculated based on the extent to which an injury affects your entire person.

The thresholds must be met before compensation is approved. Independent medical examinations and reports can be obtained from TAC, Safe Work, insurers, employers and lawyers as an independent opinion on the nature and extent of a claimant`s injuries. If you`re looking for tips to help you reference or prepare your employee for an NDE, read on. Our healthcare professionals provide accurate and unbiased responses to questionnaires provided by TAC, Worksafe agents and insurers to assess an individual`s health status and history. Researcher and frequent contributor to peer-reviewed publications About one in five people will experience persistent pain at some point in their lives. The treatment of chronic pain requires a multidisciplinary approach. We explore what an IME can offer. To learn more about Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) and other medico-legal claims, call us or submit our Medico-Legal Application Web Form. When it comes to providing unbiased and accurate medical reports quickly and cost-effectively, Melbourne Pain Group is a leader in this field. We offer a wide range of reports, including: These are often requested by insurers to determine the degree of injury a person has been and the extent to which they can continue to engage in activities at work.

If you make an appointment by phone, you will receive an email from the MLS Client Liaison Officers to confirm all relevant details for future references. We want you to get the same level of trust and satisfaction with your online booking. After reviewing the entire anamnesis, the specialist will answer all your questions about causality in his detailed report. The clinical reports prepared by our specialists are the most impeccable standards and can be reliable in court to achieve the most favorable outcome for your client. MLS wants you to be able to book appointments online at any time, day or night. You can schedule your appointments during working hours from your desk at work or after work hours if you need them from your iPad or smartphone from anywhere. Respect and accreditation with all legal entities are guaranteed. The assessment of a permanent impairment is often considered the final step in managing a compensable injury.

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