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MOLC acts as the chief legal advisor to the Mayor, all Deputy Mayors and district government agencies. In accordance with the legislation in force, the functions of the MOLC are as follows: The Office of the Mayor`s Legal Counsel (MOLC) is comprised of a dedicated team of lawyers and support staff. Pursuant to D.C. Act 20-60, the Selected Attorney General Implementation and Establishment of Legal Services Act of 2013 (the « Act »), codified in DC Code § 1-608.51(a), MOLC`s role is to provide various legal services to the Mayor and authorities of the District of Columbia under the authority of the Mayor, including in cooperation with the Agency`s General Counsel and the supervisory and regulatory bodies acting under their authority. Line lawyers. The role of the Office of the Mayor`s Legal Counsel (MOLC) is to provide legal advice to the Mayor and the offices of Vice Mayors and executive agencies of the District of Columbia, with particular attention to coordinating legal assistance with the agency`s general counsel and staff. Every day, the department`s lawyers answer various questions from the town hall, municipal departments, aldermen and other people in the legal department. Topics covered include substantive and procedural issues as well as explanations and clarifications of laws that have already been applied. The Office of the Mayor`s Legal Counsel advises the Mayor and his senior staff on all policy areas.

The team`s work provides advice on major litigation, as well as legal and policy advice on issues related to homelessness, public safety, housing, labour, immigration, climate change, transparency and ethics, water rights, employment, transportation, cybersecurity, 2020 census, economic development and constitutional law. Departmental lawyers provide legal assistance in drafting laws at the request of the town hall, municipalities and aldermen. County prosecutors oversee the state legislature and review, analyze, edit, and draft state laws. The District of Columbia government does not tolerate any form of sexual harassment in the workplace. 18. In December 2017, Mayor Bowser reaffirmed the county government`s commitment to this principle by adopting the 2017-313 Sexual Harassment Policy, Guidelines and Procedures. Learn more Ministry prosecutors regularly testify at committee hearings on legislation they have prepared or analyzed. Ministry lawyers and staff prepare ceremonial resolutions for presentation at council meetings.

The ministry`s deputy minister organizes the bill to be presented to City Council, liaises with the sponsor, follows up on future and removed agenda items, and prepares documents (e.g., mayor`s submission letters) that accompany the bill. At the City Council meeting itself, the Member is available to provide information on parliamentary rules and procedures, to provide aldermen with requested documents, and to otherwise assist if necessary. Rachel Teitelbaum, Legal Advisor to the Mayor | Rachel.Teitelbaum@LACity.org. Contact the Office of the Mayor`s Legal Counsel at 202-727-8812. MOLC reviews donation requests for each agency under the Mayor`s Executive Office to ensure that donations are used to fulfill an authorized function or task. are directly related to and used exclusively for the program(s) or purposes described; and comply with applicable laws and regulations. The donor must also certify that he/she:.