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Emma Chacon is Director of Operations for the Division of Medicaid and Health Financing at the Utah Department of Health. This position is the state`s deputy director of Medicaid. In her role, Ms. Chacon oversees all aspects of Utah`s Medicaid and CHIP programs, including claims processing, program integrity, coverage and reimbursement policy, eligibility policy, managed care, and long-term services and support. Jordan Kiszla is a project manager in the District of Columbia Department of Health Care Finance, where she leads telemedicine policy transformation and behavioral health activities. Ms. Kiszla was previously an Associate Program Officer for the Federal and State Health Policy Program at the Commonwealth Fund. Ms. Kiszla holds a master`s degree in health policy from George Washington University. Stacey was appointed interim director of the Oregon Health Authority`s (OHA) Office of Health Analysis in early 2019. The OHA`s Office of Health Analysis is comprised of research, policy, and analysis staff who collect, organize, and analyze the data they use to support efforts to improve Oregon`s health care system.

Previously, Stacey was Manager of Research and Data at Health Analytics and previously led a population health data team for the Oregon Division of Public Health. Stacey holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Operations Engineering and a Master of Public Health from the University of Michigan. For two decades, Joe was a financial analyst who served legislators in Texas, Minnesota and Virginia on the breadth of tax issues related to health and human resources. As an impartial financial analyst, he has been a resource for legislators, government officials, advocacy groups, the media, and the public on issues related to health care, social services, public health, behavioral health, developmental disabilities, child and adult services. Jeremy Vandehey, J.D. is director of the Oregon Health Authority`s Division of Health Policy and Analysis, which is responsible for developing and implementing the government`s vision for health care reform. The work of its teams includes policy analysis, reporting on health care costs and quality, promoting evidence-based care and best practices, disseminating electronic health records, promoting payment reform, and purchasing health services for nearly 300,000 public sector employees. Prior to joining the OHA, Jeremy served as a health policy advisor to Governor Kate Brown.

Previously, Jeremy led government relations for the Kaiser Permanente Northwest region and served as OHA legislative director in the design and implementation of Oregon`s coordinated care organizations. Jeremy holds a J.D. from the University of North Dakota School of Law and a Bachelor of Public Policy and Administration from Western Oregon University. With over 20 years of experience in healthcare economics and policy, Sarah leads the strategic activities of the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review, a leading not-for-profit health policy research organization, as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. With more than two decades of service to government and a majority of those of the Ministry of Social Services, Mike McCormick has extensive knowledge of the agency`s program structure, client needs and policies. Patti Killingsworth is TennCare`s Assistant Commissioner and Chief of Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS). She is a nationally recognized leader and a highly sought-after expert and consultant in Home and Community Services (HCBS), Managed Long-Term Services and Support (MLTSS), value-based purchasing for LTSS, and initiatives to improve care for Medicare and Medicaid-eligible beneficiaries. She has worked in Medicaid programs for more than two decades and leads initiatives to rethink systems in several states.

Their commitment is to transform LTSS systems to better meet the needs of seniors, persons with disabilities and their families, to promote the development and expansion of cost-effective SSHC options, and to ensure that the voices and perspectives of seniors, persons with disabilities, family members and other key stakeholders are included in policy and program decision-making. Chris DeMars, MPH, is Director of the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Transformation Center and Deputy Director of the OHA`s Office of Delivery System Innovation. It also plays a leading role in compensation based on the value and social determinants of the Agency`s health work. Prior to joining the OHA in 2013, Chris spent eight years as a Senior Program Officer at the Northwest Health Foundation, where she led the Foundation`s Health Care Reform Grants. Prior to joining the Foundation, Chris spent six years as a Senior Health Policy Analyst for the United States.